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Create personalized promotions for each of your loyal customers

Increase basket size by an average of 8%
with Personalized Promotions

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Self-service personalization platform


Revenue for loyal shoppers


Use rate
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Returns on additional income for every $1 spent

Optimize existing processes

Create new revenue streams and improve customer experience

Simple and automatic

Retailers and brands can save time using automation when creating promotions & managing promotion campaigns - so intuitive and easy to use!

Data and marketing independence

Get a full control over your data and your marketing strategy thanks to a large set of parameters enabling you to align your business objectives and your available budget.

Drive performance

Performance oriented, relevanC DMP offers a total transparence on impact of marketing campaigns run on the platform. AB tests, impact KPIs and budget recommendation are available to manage this performance and optimize your revenues generated by promotions.

Most advanced retail AI algorithms

Most advanced retail AI algorithms

On the market to fully exploit your data

Self-serve platform

To create promotions and manage campaigns

Drive new revenue stream

With a simple and transparent platform

Trusted by the most famous retailers

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Communicate through any retailer’s channel

Throughout the full customer journey

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“Personalized couponing is a win-win solution with brands: they have access to a high-ROI targeting tool. As a retailer we can increase the generosity distributed to our loyal customers"
Virginia Fernet
CMO Franprix
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